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My [wedding day] was completely blissful because Kaushay took care of everything. I enjoyed every second of the day because I did not have to worry about any of the details or logistics.

Aubrey S., Bride

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Picture this: you’ve been planning your event with us for several months, maybe even a year. When the big day comes, you walk into the room and your jaw drops! It’s your vision come to life without the stress and worry of planning. It’s your decision. It’s your event. It’s our job to make it happen.

We started Kaushay & Co. Events because we wanted you to have that kind of experience. We know that every event is more than “just” an event. For couples, a wedding is one of the most important days in their relationship and we want to make sure that day arrives with excitement, anticipation, and only the necessary “big day” butterflies!

We believe every event should be full of perfectly planned details, stunning design, and a calming presence planning it all from behind the scenes. At Kaushay & Co., that’s what we’re here for!

I was able to focus on enjoying my time with my husband instead of the little details. Kaushay helped with my peace of mind – I knew and trusted that she would keep things going smoothly and wonderfully… and she did!

Shaina P., Bride
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For the couple who wants the full Kaushay & Co. experience! Let Kaushay & Co. create your custom designed wedding and handle every detail.

For the couple who’s wanting to handle their own design and wanting the professional touch for everything else! We’ll work with you to handle all of the planning and logistics of your wedding and then execute it to perfection!

For the couple that has a design vision but needs someone to tackle the logistics of the day. We step in 6 weeks before your wedding to create your timeline & layout, handle final communication with your vendors, and execute your wedding!

For the couple that wants to take charge on wedding planning. Our wedding consulting package gives you personalized one-on-one meetings to talk you through the process of wedding planning so you’re prepared to plan your wedding on your own!

Kaushay is patient and always available for questions, concerns, and walking you through the process of planning a wedding… I could focus on the fun, and not have to stress about details even though I am, by nature, a planner and a worrier. Kaushay is everything I could have asked for in a wedding planner.

Elianna B. C., Bride

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