10 Floral Ideas for Your Spring Wedding!

AUTHOR: ALYANNA TEKULVE — Springtime is here and what better way to celebrate the end of the winter months than a spring wedding? The change of seasons brings to mind so many lovely things, but when it comes to wedding decor inspiration, it is all about florals, florals, florals! Read on for 10 fresh ideas to incorporate florals into your spring wedding!

1. Use Seasonal Blooms

Consider using seasonal blooms in your bouquet such as tulips, roses, peonies, or ranunculus. Not only is this cost effective, but it is also the sustainable choice as your florist won’t have to import flowers that grow out of season. 

2. Have an Outdoor Ceremony

Take advantage of the warmer days by having an outdoor ceremony. Nature already provides lush greenery and newly grown flowers to create the perfect setting.

3. Add Flourish to Your Invitation Suite

Your invitation suite can incorporate a floral motif with illustrations, pressed flowers, envelope liners, or even a floral scented perfume!

4. Have a Large Floral Installation

Large floral installations make the perfect decor, such as a floral arch for the ceremony or a floral canopy hanging above the dinner tables at your reception.

5. Choose a Floral-Inspired Cake

A floral palette knife design with the icing or topping the cake off with fresh flowers is sure to wow your guests when it’s time to cut the cake.

6. Wear Your Flowers

Who said wedding gowns have to be simple? A floral gown on wedding day would be a real showstopper. Floral dresses for your wedding party would also make for a colorful wedding party.

7. Choose Patterned Linens

A toile or floral print on your tablecloths and linens makes for a romantic, elegant tablescape without the need for an abundance of tabletop floral arrangements.

8. Try Individual Blooms

Single, seasonal blooms and other pops of color are perfect if you want to make your spring wedding feel like one big, vibrant garden party.

9. Serve Dinner on Patterned China

A floral design on the plates is a unique way to elevate your tablescapes. The use of a richer, solid color for the tablecloths helps to make the design stand out.

10. Don a Flower Crown

Bring back the flower crown or adorn yourself with a headpiece made up of seasonal blooms to make the ultimate bridal fashion statement.

Still trying to figure out how to incorporate flowers on your big day? Get in touch and reserve your wedding date with us so we can help you find the perfect way to incorporate florals into your spring wedding!