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When Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

So you’ve decided you want a wedding planner to help you have a stress-free wedding day! The question you might be asking is, “When during the planning process should I hire a wedding planner?” We’re here to help you answer that question.

The short answer is: as soon as possible! Since wedding planners begin booking events 16-18 months in advance, you want to contact them early to give yourself plenty of time to find the right fit. Your planner generally needs some information on your wedding day to check their availability. This brings us to the long answer! You should hire a wedding planner:

After You’ve Picked a Wedding Date

Many wedding planning companies take on a limited number of events each year to guarantee you, as a couple, get the best possible experience! Here at Kaushay & Co., this is something we prioritize. If you reach out to a wedding planner without a tentative date, they’re not able to check their availability and ensure they are available for your date.

Many couples are still trying to find a venue before choosing a wedding date. We recommend having a choice of 2 or 3 dates to bring to your wedding planner if you’re still making that decision.

Hoping to host a wedding weekend? Make sure you let your planner know early on so they can be available for every part of your celebration!

After You’ve Picked a Location

While much of the wedding planning process is done online, the wedding itself requires lots of hands-on help! Your wedding planner will need to know where you plan on getting married. This helps them give you an accurate estimate that accounts for any travel fees, lodging fees, or other service fees.

Additionally, some venues require a planner and have a limited approved list. Knowing whether your planner meets your venue’s requirements will make it easy to narrow down your options!

Still looking for your venue? That’s okay! Mention this to your planner and let them know what venues and cities you’re considering so they have enough to get you a basic estimate to fine-tune later.

Bonus Tip: Here at Kaushay & Co. Events, we offer a la carte Venue Selection Assistance! If you’re not sure which venue will be the right fit, we can work with you to make that decision before you hire us to plan your big day!

After You’ve Identified Your Budget

While many planners will work with you regardless of your budget, your planner will know what it takes to make your vision come to life! If you have an idea of your budget before talking with a planner, they’ll give you some insight into whether their services will be the right fit for you.

Typically, month-of coordination should be 10% of your total budget, and full-service planning should be 15% – 20% of your budget. By knowing your budget before you talk to a planner, they’ll be able to tell you right off the bat if they’ll be the right investment for your wedding!

At Kaushay & Co., we work with any budget but never want to be such a large portion of your budget that we take away from your other priorities.

Bonus Tip: Not sure what your budget should look like? We offer a la carte Budget Forecasting to help you better understand the appropriate investment for wedding planning services before you book with us!

If you have these 3 things checked off your planning to-do list, you’re ready to hire your wedding planner! Get in touch to chat more about how we can help you plan your wedding!