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Wedding Transportation 101

As you get further into the wedding planning process, figuring out the logistics of the day (or weekend!) may not be the most exciting task, but it is definitely something you do not want to overlook. One of those checklist items is figuring out transportation for you, your wedding party, and your guests. You may be wondering: should I be the one providing all of that transportation? The short answer is that it depends! While it is rarely required of the couple (be sure to check with your venue!), offering transportation services is one of the key wedding details that will help the day go smoothly and keep everyone happy! 

Wedding Party

Most wedding timelines require the wedding party and immediate family to be at the wedding venue early for photos or to get ready. Even if you don’t want to provide transportation for all of your guests, consider booking transportation for your wedding party, That way the most important people get where they need to be on time! Party busses and large shuttles are great options for larger wedding parties. If that feels like overkill, look into booking smaller vans or SUVs to get the wedding party on-site.

Wanting to save your first look for a moment more special than on the shuttle? Consider booking two separate vehicles to ensure you don’t spoil your formal first look moment!

Wedding Guests

If you are hosting a destination wedding, offering transportation options for your guests will be extremely helpful. This will alleviate the burden on your guests of having to navigate an unfamiliar place. If the majority of your guests are staying in the same hotel, providing a shuttle service to and from the venue is an excellent way to ensure everyone will arrive on time.

When wedding activities take place in multiple locations, consider offering a shuttle option for guests to avoid so much driving on their part. 

Planning a local wedding? Offering transportation can be a great way to give your guests the freedom to eat, drink, and party without worrying about how to get home at the end of the night!

By providing professional services, you can rest assured knowing your guests will arrive safely back to the hotel when the party ends. But what if it isn’t in your budget? Or won’t work for your wedding guests?

We recommend encouraging ride share services or sharing information about professional transportation that guests can book for themselves. Keep in mind, if your venue is far from a major city rideshare access may be limited at certain times of the day. That kind of scarcity may be an issue for guests late at night.

The Getaway

As your wedding planner, we always want to make sure you and your partner are taken care of at the end of the night! If you’re offering transportation, you have the choice to leave the party with all of your guests or to use a special getaway car for the two of you!

In Utah, we have plenty of options from luxury SUVs, vintage cars, and even horse-drawn carriages that can whisk you away to your hotel after your wedding ends!

Let Everyone Know

Whether or not you provide wedding transportation is up to you, but it is important to communicate all of this information to your guests either way!

Dedicating an insert in your invitation suite or a page on your wedding website with travel details and a full itinerary will help people plan accordingly. Include whether or not they will have the option of a shuttle service or other group transportation to help out-of-towners decide if they need to rent a car for the weekend. Be sure to include details on venue parking lot conditions, valet service, or parking fees. Keeping your guests informed and taken care of will show your appreciation to them for joining you in this celebration!

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Feeling like transportation is more than you want to tackle? Reach out to see how we can help smooth out the process!