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Our Best Tips for Planning a Baby Shower

There is no celebration quite like the one that honors a little one coming into the world. Baby showers come at such a special time in life and they are so much fun to plan. Isn’t there something so sweet about showering a soon-to-be mom with love and well-wishes?

Typically, baby showers are planned by the loved ones of the mom. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule, but sisters, mothers, aunts, or friends all fit into this category. If someone you love is due to have a baby, it might be a good idea to prepare yourself with the best information on how to throw a baby shower.

Planning an event can feel stressful or overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. With a little bit of preparation, organizing a baby shower can be as enjoyable as you want it to be. In this blog post, I hope to get you thinking in the right direction so you can confidently plan a successful event.

Start Planning Early.

This is an essential step in any gathering. In my own event planning, I am a firm believer that the more time you have, the less stressed you’ll feel. Baby showers are usually held at the end of the second trimester or the beginning of the third trimester. Allow yourself enough time to do things like organize vendors and send invitations.

Include the Mom-to-Be.

Every mom may want a different level of involvement in her baby shower,  but at the very least be sure to let her pick the time and date of the party. Even if she isn’t directly involved in the planning or you want the shower to be a surprise, consider her personal style and taste. Incorporate her personality into as many aspects of the shower as you can. 

Stick to a Budget.

Identifying an appropriate budget before you start spending is the best way to set yourself up for success in the long run. If you’re planning with other people, set expectations about who is responsible for each expense. Consider things like venue, decorations, food, games, and party favors, and invitations.

Choose a Theme.

Baby showers are the perfect opportunity to go all in on a cute theme. There are endless ideas available, but some personal favorites include elements that are easily customizable, like wildflowers or woodland animals. Add a sweet baby-related phrase to complete the deal. Incorporate your theme into your decorations to make the event feel cohesive and professional.

Go All Out.

One of the fun things about baby showers is the chance to be a little bit extra. Personalized party favors? Custom-made signage? A themed menu? Now is the perfect time to give some added attention to the little details. The finishing touches are usually what takes your gathering to the next level, so take it from an event planner: don’t overlook the small stuff.

Be Flexible With Changes.

With anything in life, planning an event always comes with unforeseen challenges. Whether it’s a logistical difficulty or an unexpected early delivery, try to go with the flow as much as possible. Remember that the ultimate goal of a baby shower is to remind the mom-to-be that she is loved, appreciated, and supported.

If you’re facing the opportunity to plan a baby shower and feel like it’s just not your cup of tea, my team is here for you! We plan more than just weddings and are always excited for the chance to organize other special events like baby showers. 

I hope this advice is helpful to you as you plan this fun event. Through all the organizing and coordinating, don’t forget to enjoy this special time too.