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My wedding day was full of being with family and friends. It felt so good to have so many people that I love surrounding me as my husband and I got married. I was able to focus on enjoying my time with my husband instead of the little details. Kaushay helped with my peace of mind – I knew and trusted that she would keep things going smoothly and wonderfully…and she did! My husband jokes about planning a second wedding so that we can experience more Kaushay magic!”

Shaina P., Bride

“Kaushay was a wonderful wedding planner to work with. She listened to my ideas and made them a reality. She worked with the vendors and paid attention to all the many details in a calm, confident manner. I’m so glad I chose Kaushay as she made sure the wedding reception went off without a hitch!

Candi S., Mother of the Bride

“Kaushay was able to reassure my worries and handled every detail and hiccup like a master so that I was able to enjoy every moment of my wedding day. I know of so many people that say their wedding day was the best and most stressful day of their lives, but I am happy to say that mine was completely blissful because Kaushay took care of everything. I enjoyed every second of the day because I did not have to worry about any of the details or logistics.

Aubrey S., Bride
Corporate Clients

“I’m grateful for all of Kaushay’s work to make our Holiday Party a smashing success. Kaushay’s attention to detail and organization are unmatched.

Katelyn S., BlenderBottle

Seriously — Kaushay is so good at what she does. I’ve worked with people who get quite bent out of shape and are inflexible when we didn’t forsee things or have to adjust. I appreciate her ability to pivot quickly.

Andi G., Tolero Pharmaceuticals

“Kaushay did a great job in helping us get the appropriate venue and components within our budget and with our needs. She helped us out several times during the event and was pleasant and professional the entire time. Her willingness to help us prepare is what let us focus on the event in a way that we had our largest yet.

Jeff C., Corporate Client

Jeff C., Humanists of Utah